Friday, September 23, 2011

Saying Yes for a month

I am inspired today. Sasha Dichter said "Yes" for a month; from NGO newsletters which asks for donation to a guy on a train who has no money to buy medicines. Maybe the money won't be used for the right medicine but he took a leap of faith.

It made him realize that if "you want the world to be generous and action-oriented, YOU need to be generous and action-oriented first."

Sasha Dichter is director of business development at Acumen Fund, a nonprofit VC for enterprises serving the poor. Acumen Fund promotes "patient capital"; they use philanthropic capital to make disciplined investments – loans or equity, not grants – that yield both financial and social returns. Any financial returns received are recycled into new investments.

I think the world needs this today. Just giving aid is not enough; using the aid that yields both financial and social returns will heal the world.

I am really inspired today! I am going to say yes for a month!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two simple ways to make a long distance relationship work

Step one - Download Skype on your laptop (FREE)

Step two - Download Viber on your IPhone or Android enabled handset (FREE)

The rest, can be magic :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Music#1 Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I heard them on a rerun of Conan's show last month. They played 40 Day Dream and I was sold. The entire album was in my itunes the next day. I'd recommend that they be seen and heard first via youtube (Live at the Regent) to feel their energy or you can sample songs here (Amazon) as well. They seem MAD but I love that MAD.

40 Day Dream is the first track of their album and my favourite. It is happy, careless and joyous. See them sing it - you'd feel happier.
I am pretty set and happy with my life but if I ever had a chance of becoming whoever I wanted to be? A musician. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros is one reason why.

My next favourite track is Home. I actually heard it on a website like a year back. Fell in love but left it to trail. Home is going to be my wedding day song, someday maybe :)
Album: Up from Below
Genre: Indie, rock pop, alternative

Music and other things

I discover amazing music at times and I think to not let my blog die, I should blog about it. I also stumble on amazing videos and stuff on the internet and I reckon this should be a good place for me to store away.

I hope my few blogger friends have been doing well over the past year....dying to catch up on your posts!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Magical Ko Tao

I was in Thailand around March end for my birthday and a nice vacation. Clear blue water, snorkeling, amazing food and amazing ambiance. Could not have asked for more :)
Ko Tao's beauty cannot be expalined. You have to live it.

Sairee Beach

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My best friend's wedding

It finally happened. She always wanted the big-fat-wedding and it was exactly that. We were nine bridesmaids, three flower girls and the cutest ring boy. Weddings at home with thousands of strangers around is really not my scene but you cannot help but be overwhelmed and blessed when you witness the people you care about getting married. At the end of the day, we dropped her off at the lucky guy's place and I could not help but shed a few bittersweet tears as I hugged her goodbye.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post's Sake #1

Most of my blog friends are posting thier AWOL reasons and I want a new post on my blog too! :)
Books - Read Epicenter by Joel Rosenberg - about the middle-east politics in a biblical perspective - I know he is writing sense. Currently reading Obama's Audacity of Hope.

Work - Exciting project in hand, struggling for it which means I will learn a lot.

Boys - Last I heard my russian spy was howling my name, looking for me on the beaches of Goa Lol. Kidding. He was actually in India but I did not want to ruin my perfect night.

Ouch points - ICICI Bank - will post a long post why not to get ICICI Credit Cards. They are trying to screw me but fighting back. Good thing is that I have not used my credit cards for more than a month!

Others: My best friend's 13 year old sister is here. I feel so, so old but wise also :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twilight - not just for "young adults"

Got them as a birthday gift and read them on the birthday week itself.
Pure, unadulterated indulgence :)

Who would have thought that "young adult" teenage-vampire-romance novels could be so exciting! I live for these kind of surprises.